Our Story

The Brand

EVIE Jewelry is designed to bring you fashionable and affordable gold-plated jewelry that you can rely on.


We’ve become well acquainted with the spontaneous jump in a pool or an ocean (or for us a lake in Madison, WI) that results in tarnished jewelry and green fingers—and it got us thinking, and looking for a solution.


We worked hard to develop a collection of gold-plated jewelry that won’t cost a fortune or tarnish after only a few wears. Wherever you go, we go. EVIE Jewelry is for your 24/7. 

The Designers

Hi! We're so happy you decided to check out our brand. We're Erin and Eleni, two fashion-obsessed best friends from Wisconsin who met during our freshman year at UW-Madison and instantly became inseparable. I mean, this is the kind of friend you meet and wonderーare we the same person?!


We value quality and style. A struggle many fashionistas have—including ourselves—is not having the money to spend on real gold, but also not wanting to repeatedly purchase gold-plated jewelry that won’t last.


With that annoyance in the back of our minds and a few Palomas later, we conceived EVIE Jewelry. Okay, it took a little more than that. But with our creative and analytical approach, combined with everything we’ve gained studying fashion at UW-Madison, we designed & developed a collection of high-quality, fashionable, and affordable 18k gold-plated jewelry for you. 

Xoxo, Erin & Eleni